Writing has transformed our world. It shows how we think, how we act. It reveals who we are. IT MATTERS.

SO you want to write a non-fiction book? Or tackle a daunting business proposal? Great! Trouble is, the bigger the project, the more likely you are to lose confidence and focus — and fumble or give up.

As your writing coach, I will help you identify what's important, keep your confidence and motivation high — and nudge you to finish faster, while also producing better work.

I'll highlight gaps between where you are and where you want to be, and demand more of you than you'd ask of yourself.

YOUR writing should rellect you and your way of thinking, even if you ask someone else to put your ideas into words.

Whether you want a blog, a business proposal, or perhaps a short ebook, I'll write to reflect the way you think and act.

NONE of us likes our work being edited. At the same time, we're grateful to have someone refine what we write and help us to better share our ideas with the world.

Bolstering strong purpose and insights, readers' needs, structure and language skills — I'll make sure your writing reflects you at your best.

WE write to sell, to rally causes, to create world-class companies and brands. We hold people to account, we educate, we complain and congratulate, seduce and sometimes entertain.

Writing is personal, even in business. Good writing has a soul that keeps us reading and listening.

So training should be practical and idealistic. It demands an approach tailored to the needs of individuals and the companies that employ them.

I carry out a pre-course assessment for each delegate and, where possible, use course examples provided by them. This approach brings training to life, introducing job context while also proving how a step-by-step writing process elevates work and results.

There are no quick fixes. Writing well is hard work. But it can also be fun.

My approach is about delivering measurable benefits with rewards that outweigh the cost of raising your game.