Your writing reveals exactly who you are...


YOU have a writing project to tackle, an exciting task you want to do justice to. But it's BIG, daunting, and you're not sure if you have the stamina or the writing skills to a quality job.

An experienced writing coach will guide you through the long haul, steering you away from trouble while also keeping you motivated and accountable.

Writing is the buddy who helps you to reach your goals. A coach is your touchstone who keeps you and your buddy in line and on track.

WE fill our writing with our ideas, insights and passions, creating new businesses, brands, projects and jobs. When we write well, our words transform the world.

So why do our words so often fall flat?

Most of our problems start long before we write our first word. We write without strong purpose and with little to say... we take our readers' time for granted... we start writing without a plan... and try to impress with long words, not strong ideas.

Our flaws are already there when we hit the grammar, punctuation and spelling speed bumps we dread tripping over...

Our writing shows our readers who we are — it demonstrates how we think and act. If you don't know what your writing says about you, how can you expand your world?

Writing well is straightforward, but it's hard work. It's the result of using a process everyone can learn and repeat with equal chance of success.

Change how you write and you change your world.

WE'RE all writers today, living in a digital world awash with words. The pressure to keep writing is relentless.

We want to stand out with strong words that convince people we already know or connect with strangers on the other side of the world. People we've never met, but who will judge us by our words.

But, no matter how willing we are, there are times when the job is simply too big or too important to risk failure. Times when we need extra writing help.

We think we've produced a perfect draft — until a nagging voice tells us it's flawed. On this occasion, the voice is right...

We all need objective help, someone who'll use experience, not guesswork, to improve our work.

We need someone who'll cut what isn't needed, refine what we should keep, and highlight when we've left something out.

And all while paying attention to the essential language skills everyone expects to be perfect.