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Journalist... who's covered topics from finance and film, to pensions and perfume.

Subeditor/editor... who's worked in PR and the B2B, consumer and customer publishing sectors.

University lecturer, journalism... who's mentored BA and MA students in the production of their own industry-standard newspapers.

Journalism trainer and business writing mentor... who's trained subeditors for most major UK magazine publishers and continues to help staff at multinational companies and public bodies to write well.

Screenwriter... writing screenplays aimed at TV and film, winning honours and awards for three of them.

Bestselling author of How To Write Well... when you don't know where to start.

COMPANIES HOUSE caused the collapse of Taylor & Sons after telling credit agencies the engineering company had gone into liquidation. But it was Taylor & Son that had been wound up. Contracts were cancelled and credit lines withdrawn. Companies House corrected its mistake, but too late to halt the effect of the typo. The long-established firm went into administration within two months — with the loss of 250 jobs.

A NUCLEAR power plant supervisor ordered ten foot lengths of radioactive material. But instead of getting the ten-foot lengths it needed, the plant received ten one-foot lengths — a mistake so costly the information was classified.

AN oil company spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a new pesticide, only to discover the formula had been created five years earlier — by one of the same company's technicians. His report was so poorly written that no one had finished reading it.

A CONTRACT dispute between two communications companies boiled down to the placing of a comma. The winner was able to save more than $2m by ending the contract early.

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